Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Alive and Working!

Ello! I just wanted to pop in and say that I don't really have much left to do since most of you have beaten the game already in English. Though this blog will most likely become a personal blog for me, mostly for keeping track of my own translating progress! I'm currently swamped with a lot of school work, but I'll get back on track, I promise.

So, that's that!

Good luck, and I will see y'all on the flip side!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solatorobo is Officially Being Localized

Right, so this is pretty old news, to most of you that is. I have known that this game would be localized for quite some time. So what will become of this blog?

My plans are that I will keep the blog up. As a personal reference mostly. I hope to be improving on my Japanese and translating the Japanese version of this game would be great practice for me. More like a personal project. I will also keep this blog up in case there are those who prefer the Japanese version over an English version. I know of people like that (me for example), and sometimes it really is exciting having a Japanese game, but like to have a separate, print script translation to reference to while they play.

For those persons, I will just say that the translations will progress rather slowly. But probably in Summer when classes are over, it will pick up speed. It's a fantastic game, I'm glad they decided to localize it elsewhere.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm all this way!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 5

This one will cover the completion of the first quest! It isn't much I know, I apologize for the disappointment. Please enjoy it though and expect the next part to be here in a month or less.:)


*A "<>" Indicates a personal note. 
*A "#" Indicates NPC dialog.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate.

MAP (For Reference)

Part 5: Missing Photo Quest

[Miharashiga Field]
<You can investigate shiny objects on the ground by getting off Dahak. Objects looking like coins are money (Rigs). Ex: On the left, you will find 10 Rig. Objects looking like capsules are P-Crystals. Ex: On the right, you will find 1pt P-Crystal.>

Red Savarin: "Are you Biarri? Apparently your photos were stolen?"

Biarri: "Yeah, 4 kittens just came up to me.....They stole many important photos and were 
             gone instantly, I couldn't do anything~!"

Red Savarin: "The kittens, what were they wearing?"

Biarri: "Well....all four were wearing striped shirts. That's all I could see.
             They fled to the right of this field, please catch them and come back!"

Red Savarin: "Right! I understand! Hang on!"

[Granite Hills]
[On ground: 100 Rig]

#Fine Young Man (さわやか...): "What do you want? Oh that giant statue? I was surprised.....
                                                      that's all."

#Petite Woman (こがら...): "I want to tell that guy my feelings.....
                                            I've never seen a giant statue in this town before."

[In the Private House]

#Ladylike Woman (おしとや..): "Oh what a lovely day."


Red Savarin: "Oh......"
Kitten: "Huh? What?"

Red Savarin: "....a striped shirt......this fellow? 
                        Hey you! Did you steal the photos!?"

Kitten: "What!? I've been found!"

Red Savarin: "Now give it back and I'll forgive you without a spanking...."

Kitten: "Nyehh!"

Red Savarin: "Oh....! Hey!!"

Chocolat Gelato: "Brother, chase him! He got away so fast!"

Red Savarin: "Oh....right! I'm gonna get you~!"

#Quinney (クイニイ): "I have seen you all the time....."

[East Pier]

Red Savarin: "Looks like he went up there stairs."

Red Savarin: "Well, If I wanted to hide, I'd certainly come here...."    

<Find the Kitten>

Red Savarin: "There you are! No quietly return the photos!"

Kitten: "Hrmph! It's us, the Black Cat Team who has taken the photos!

Red Savarin: "The Black Cat Team?"

Kitten: "Congratulations on making it this far!"

Red Savarin: "Shut up! I'm gonna get you!"

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "Got the photo back!"

Kitten: "Ah! Shit!"

Red Savarin: ".....wait. This is just one torn piece!"

Kitten: "I'm off! The photo got ripped when I stole it!
Red Savarin: "What!? Where are the other fragments?"

Kitten: "......Right now? My companions have them, but can you find them?
               But everyone isn't easy to find because they're good at hiding!"

Red Savarin: "No way, there's still 3 kittens left out of 4. Where are they?"

Kitten: "Bye bye!"

Red Savarin: "Ah! Hey! Come back!"

Chocolat Gelato: ".....Anyway, better look for the other three."

Red Savarin: "Huh? Voices?

Chocolat Gelato: "It came from the Warehouse!"

Red Savarin: "Hehehe, well they sure are good at hiding!


Chocolat Gelato: "I don't.....see anybody.

Red Savarin: "Not completely! I smell something suspicious!

<Look for Kittens, I'm not sure if dialog is Order-Specific, but just in case...>

(Bottom Left Barrel)

Red Savarin: "Fuhahaha! Just as I thought~!

Kitten: "Whoa! Nyehh!"

Red Savarin: "Oh, I'm gonna get you now!!!

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "Gotcha! I'll be taking this piece back!"

Kitten: "Shit! Quit your barking!

(Top Right Barrel)

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "You'll never get away from me in 100 years!"

Kitten: "Uwaaah!"

Chocolat Gelato: "Brother, just one more fragment!"

(Upper Left Crate)

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

[The fragments alligned to make the photo. You can see it now in the Living Quarters of the Asmodeus.]

Red Savarin: "Geeze, couldn't you just give me what I needed! I'll also be taking back 
                       the fragment!"

Kitten: "Damn it~! The fragments~!"

Red Savarin: "....Wait a minute, I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh of course! There's 
                       more photos! 
                       Hey you! Where are the other photos?"

Kitten: ".....right now?"

Red Savarin: ".....don't tell me the Black Cat Team still has them!?"

Kitten: "Nyahahaha! But everyone's already run away!"

Red Savarin: "N-no way!!"

Kitten: "Well then, bye bye!

Red Savarin: "Oh shit, wait!!"

Red Savarin: "Argh, they all got away."

Chocolat Gelato: "They dashed, they're way too quick...."

Red Savarin: "....I guess I'll go report back now."

[Miharashiga Field]

Red Savarin: "H-hey, I'm back."

Biarri: ".....what? The photo is all torn."

Red Savarin: " was already like that when I found it...."

Biarri: "Is that so~...! My precious collection~!!

Red Savarin: "Uh....there there, it's gonna be alright."

Biarri: "But, the negatives weren't stolen, I suppose I don't care about the photos...."

Red Savarin: "Is that right........what should I do with this photo?"

Biarri: "I don't need it anymore, you can keep it if you want it."

System: "There are other kittens hiding around in other areas. Find 4 fragments for a whole 
               photo. If you find all 4, bring them to Biarri."
Biarri: "Before I forget, I'll give you the job payment. It was ripped, but you still brought it back to

[Got 350 Rig!]

Red Savarin: "Sorry.....
                       Damn those kittens!
                       .....I will capture all of them and get the fragments!"

Biarri: "If you do get all the photos, show me."

Red Savarin: "Ah, alright! I'll get them all!"

Biarri: "Good luck~!"

System: "As you go around, look for the other kittens. Photos are now stored in the Albums in the
               Living Quarters."

To be continued...

Final Notes/Coming up:

Hope you all are enjoying the translations, as slow as it is! In the next part, expect the 2nd quest in Airedale translated. (Boy is it a biggie!). And hopefully, I can get up to the first Boss Fight in the game soon enough! Thanks for all the feedback, and I'll see you all soon! Maybe in a month? 

As always, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 4

It's been a while folks! Sorry sorry for that long break! I hope you enjoy this update and from now on I'll get working much quicker than the last month! Thanks for all your patience! 

This one will cover all the way up to the start of a quest! It may not be much, but I included a translated map to assist with current position to dialog. :)

*A "<>" Indicates a personal note. 
*A "#" Indicates NPC dialog.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate.

MAP (For Reference)
Part 3: Mystery Child, New Quests, Souvenir Shop

[Still at the Parts Shop]
<This place is now a a place to buy and sell custom robo parts!>

Crepe: "Aha, welcome! How can I help you~"
                                         What do you need?
                                                    -Buy <Basic part translations>
                                                            *さから (Power)
                                                            *こうげき (Attack)
                                                            *ぼうぎよ (Defense)
                                                            *はやさ  (Speed)

Assistant: "Be careful when putting parts in free slots. 
                  If you get stuck, try rotating the pieces to fit."


Chocolat Gelato: "Uhuh....huh......hmm....well....
                               Yeah! We managed to get enough for the fuel cost!"

Red Savarin: "Damn, the money I worked so hard for--"

Chocolat Gelato: "Well then, have some spending money."

System: "Got 50 rig!"

Red Savarin: ".........
                       This much~?"

Chocolat Gelato: "Should be enough! Also, hurry back to the Asmodeus soon. 
                               I think the child's awake, wonder if she's okay?"

Red Savarin: "........."

<Feel free to explore the town freely. Then return to the Asmodeus to continue the game.>

[Back at the Asmodeus]

Chocolat Gelato: "I wonder if the child's alright?"

Red Savarin: "Oh, I'll come take a look."

[Living Quarters]

Radio: "A big mysterious object has appeared in the clouds in the middle of the 
             Shepherd Republic."

Mystery Child: "......."

Radio: "It is highly possible that the massive object is some sort of weapon. 
             At the headquarters--"

Red Savarin: "Hey, so you're awake now. How do you feel?"

Mystery Child: ".....this place?"

Red Savarin: "My ship. It's called the Asmodeus, we're currently in the port at Airedale."

Mystery Child: "Hindenburg.......
                          What happened to the cargo ship!?"

Red Savarin: "Oh, sorry but it crashed down earlier."

Mystery Child: "Wh-what do I do......the medallion!"

Red Savarin: "Medallion? Could it be.......
                        Is this it?"

Mystery Child: "Ah....! Please return it!"

Red Savarin: "Huh? What are you talking about all the sudden!?"

Mystery Child: "......No. Wait.
                          Can I take a quick look at it?"

Red Savarin: "Ha?"

Mystery Child: "I knew it!!
                          The medallion's been activated!?"

Red Savarin: "What is it, hey!"

Mystery Child: "This is........
                           No way, you?"

Red Savarin: "Speaking of which, why'd it light up the first time I touched it?

Mystery Child: "Impossible........
                          Without any formal ritual, the medallion......."

Red Savarin: "No, so what!
                       Maybe you could explain!!"

Chocolat Gelato: "Why are you fighting!!
                               It won't do any good!"

[On the Bridge]

Chocolat Gelato: "Sorry, my brother is really a child on the inside."

Mystery Child: "....."

Red Savarin: "Geeze.....
                       Hey, I'm gonna go out and look for more jobs to do." 

Chocolat Gelato: "Same here~ I'm gonna prepare for departure now."

Mystery Child: "....."

[Back Outside]
[Quest Shop]

Cheese: "Welcome~~"

Red Savarin: "What jobs are there today?"

Cheese: "Umm, let's see~ Looks like there are a few new jobs for you~"

Quest Menu

1. ★2 Warehouse Clean-Up
                - There is a mess in the Warehouse, please clean it up. We'll be waiting at the
                   Luxery Residential Area on the eastern Side.
                        *Required Hunter Rank = 2
                        *Reward = 400

2. Come Fighters!
                -My name is Quiche, I'm looking to promote a new champion in a tournament! If you think 
                 you're up for it, come to the port!
                         *Required Hunter Rank = 2
                         *Reward = 800

3. Stolen Photos
                -The photos I just took were stolen........someone came and took them! 
                  I'm waiting at the Miharashiga Field! -Biarri
                          *Reward = 350

<I'm going to start with the 3rd Quest and move up to the ★ quest.>

Quest 3

Cheese: "Well go meet Biarri at Miharashiga Field~"

[Place shown on map]

Cheese: "So, do your best please~"

[Souvenir Shop Front]

#SalesGirl(売り子): "Zzz.......
                                  Zzz....oooh.....w-wait robo.....

#Bull(がっしり..): "That clerk.....what will motivate her?"

[Inside the Souvenir Shop]

#Madeleine (マドレーヌ): "Look, an adventurous hunter! Let's remember this moment with 
                                           a dish?"

#Biscuit(ビス..): "W-w-wel-welcome....."

<Dishes are basically cutscenes you can purchase and view in the Theater in the Asmodeus's Living Quarters.>

Souvenir Dish Menu
- Opening 
(Beginning of story)

(Red infiltrates the Hindenburg)

-Awakening Disaster
(Monster rises and destroys the Hindenburg)

-Catching Fire

#Biscuit(ビス..) (If all available dishes are purchased): "I-I-I'm currently out of dishes."


#Souffle(スフレ): "Nhuu, the waves are great and powerful~"

To be continued...

Final Notes:
Sorry to end it on that note folks, but I wanted to post something at least to reassure I am still in fact alive, haha. Next time I'll finish the Photo quest and hopefully the Fighting quest! That's what to expect for Part 5! In Part 6, I will finish the Warehouse quest and finish up in Airedale town! Expect the next part within the next number of weeks! (By latest the end of February!). Enjoy playing Solatorobo and spread the word about this project, hey? Until next time! :)

As always, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you.