Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 5

This one will cover the completion of the first quest! It isn't much I know, I apologize for the disappointment. Please enjoy it though and expect the next part to be here in a month or less.:)


*A "<>" Indicates a personal note. 
*A "#" Indicates NPC dialog.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate.

MAP (For Reference)

Part 5: Missing Photo Quest

[Miharashiga Field]
<You can investigate shiny objects on the ground by getting off Dahak. Objects looking like coins are money (Rigs). Ex: On the left, you will find 10 Rig. Objects looking like capsules are P-Crystals. Ex: On the right, you will find 1pt P-Crystal.>

Red Savarin: "Are you Biarri? Apparently your photos were stolen?"

Biarri: "Yeah, 4 kittens just came up to me.....They stole many important photos and were 
             gone instantly, I couldn't do anything~!"

Red Savarin: "The kittens, what were they wearing?"

Biarri: "Well....all four were wearing striped shirts. That's all I could see.
             They fled to the right of this field, please catch them and come back!"

Red Savarin: "Right! I understand! Hang on!"

[Granite Hills]
[On ground: 100 Rig]

#Fine Young Man (さわやか...): "What do you want? Oh that giant statue? I was surprised.....
                                                      that's all."

#Petite Woman (こがら...): "I want to tell that guy my feelings.....
                                            I've never seen a giant statue in this town before."

[In the Private House]

#Ladylike Woman (おしとや..): "Oh what a lovely day."


Red Savarin: "Oh......"
Kitten: "Huh? What?"

Red Savarin: "....a striped shirt......this fellow? 
                        Hey you! Did you steal the photos!?"

Kitten: "What!? I've been found!"

Red Savarin: "Now give it back and I'll forgive you without a spanking...."

Kitten: "Nyehh!"

Red Savarin: "Oh....! Hey!!"

Chocolat Gelato: "Brother, chase him! He got away so fast!"

Red Savarin: "Oh....right! I'm gonna get you~!"

#Quinney (クイニイ): "I have seen you all the time....."

[East Pier]

Red Savarin: "Looks like he went up there stairs."

Red Savarin: "Well, If I wanted to hide, I'd certainly come here...."    

<Find the Kitten>

Red Savarin: "There you are! No quietly return the photos!"

Kitten: "Hrmph! It's us, the Black Cat Team who has taken the photos!

Red Savarin: "The Black Cat Team?"

Kitten: "Congratulations on making it this far!"

Red Savarin: "Shut up! I'm gonna get you!"

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "Got the photo back!"

Kitten: "Ah! Shit!"

Red Savarin: ".....wait. This is just one torn piece!"

Kitten: "I'm off! The photo got ripped when I stole it!
Red Savarin: "What!? Where are the other fragments?"

Kitten: "......Right now? My companions have them, but can you find them?
               But everyone isn't easy to find because they're good at hiding!"

Red Savarin: "No way, there's still 3 kittens left out of 4. Where are they?"

Kitten: "Bye bye!"

Red Savarin: "Ah! Hey! Come back!"

Chocolat Gelato: ".....Anyway, better look for the other three."

Red Savarin: "Huh? Voices?

Chocolat Gelato: "It came from the Warehouse!"

Red Savarin: "Hehehe, well they sure are good at hiding!


Chocolat Gelato: "I don't.....see anybody.

Red Savarin: "Not completely! I smell something suspicious!

<Look for Kittens, I'm not sure if dialog is Order-Specific, but just in case...>

(Bottom Left Barrel)

Red Savarin: "Fuhahaha! Just as I thought~!

Kitten: "Whoa! Nyehh!"

Red Savarin: "Oh, I'm gonna get you now!!!

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "Gotcha! I'll be taking this piece back!"

Kitten: "Shit! Quit your barking!

(Top Right Barrel)

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

Red Savarin: "You'll never get away from me in 100 years!"

Kitten: "Uwaaah!"

Chocolat Gelato: "Brother, just one more fragment!"

(Upper Left Crate)

[Got "How's it Going" Photo Fragment!]

[The fragments alligned to make the photo. You can see it now in the Living Quarters of the Asmodeus.]

Red Savarin: "Geeze, couldn't you just give me what I needed! I'll also be taking back 
                       the fragment!"

Kitten: "Damn it~! The fragments~!"

Red Savarin: "....Wait a minute, I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh of course! There's 
                       more photos! 
                       Hey you! Where are the other photos?"

Kitten: ".....right now?"

Red Savarin: ".....don't tell me the Black Cat Team still has them!?"

Kitten: "Nyahahaha! But everyone's already run away!"

Red Savarin: "N-no way!!"

Kitten: "Well then, bye bye!

Red Savarin: "Oh shit, wait!!"

Red Savarin: "Argh, they all got away."

Chocolat Gelato: "They dashed, they're way too quick...."

Red Savarin: "....I guess I'll go report back now."

[Miharashiga Field]

Red Savarin: "H-hey, I'm back."

Biarri: ".....what? The photo is all torn."

Red Savarin: " was already like that when I found it...."

Biarri: "Is that so~...! My precious collection~!!

Red Savarin: "Uh....there there, it's gonna be alright."

Biarri: "But, the negatives weren't stolen, I suppose I don't care about the photos...."

Red Savarin: "Is that right........what should I do with this photo?"

Biarri: "I don't need it anymore, you can keep it if you want it."

System: "There are other kittens hiding around in other areas. Find 4 fragments for a whole 
               photo. If you find all 4, bring them to Biarri."
Biarri: "Before I forget, I'll give you the job payment. It was ripped, but you still brought it back to

[Got 350 Rig!]

Red Savarin: "Sorry.....
                       Damn those kittens!
                       .....I will capture all of them and get the fragments!"

Biarri: "If you do get all the photos, show me."

Red Savarin: "Ah, alright! I'll get them all!"

Biarri: "Good luck~!"

System: "As you go around, look for the other kittens. Photos are now stored in the Albums in the
               Living Quarters."

To be continued...

Final Notes/Coming up:

Hope you all are enjoying the translations, as slow as it is! In the next part, expect the 2nd quest in Airedale translated. (Boy is it a biggie!). And hopefully, I can get up to the first Boss Fight in the game soon enough! Thanks for all the feedback, and I'll see you all soon! Maybe in a month? 

As always, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you.