Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solatorobo is Officially Being Localized


Right, so this is pretty old news, to most of you that is. I have known that this game would be localized for quite some time. So what will become of this blog?

My plans are that I will keep the blog up. As a personal reference mostly. I hope to be improving on my Japanese and translating the Japanese version of this game would be great practice for me. More like a personal project. I will also keep this blog up in case there are those who prefer the Japanese version over an English version. I know of people like that (me for example), and sometimes it really is exciting having a Japanese game, but like to have a separate, print script translation to reference to while they play.

For those persons, I will just say that the translations will progress rather slowly. But probably in Summer when classes are over, it will pick up speed. It's a fantastic game, I'm glad they decided to localize it elsewhere.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm all this way!