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Solatorobo Translation Pt. 3

EDIT: I mistakenly put Gebbeku as the name of Red's client in this part. Special thanks to Sean for correcting me on the fact; Gebbeku's name (Translated) is Quebec (To fit the French style this amazing game has). Sorry for any inconvenience! I will do my best to avoid those mistakes as much as possible. And once again, happy holidays everyone! :)  

Sorry for the wait everyone! I've been lazy over these recent holidays and busy getting ready for the holidays! Anyway, I present to you, Solatorobo Translation Part 3!

This one will take you up to the completion of the 1st Quest. Not a whole lot, but a decent amount. Also, chances are, I'm gonna take a tiny break for the holidays (Though I'll probably work on translating when I have free time), so I wish everyone a happy holiday! I'll return after New Years; meanwhile, enjoy! ^o^

*A "<>" Indicates a personal note. 
*A "#" Indicates NPC dialog.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate. 

Part 3: Customization, Quests, and Menu Overview

[Asmodeus Bridge] <By the way, Red and Chocolat's air ship is called the Asmodeus>

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Ha....what a job that was."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Though I did kinda mess it up..." 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I wonder...what that giant monster was that took down the ship?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Uh, that big monster and those dark creatures....sadly I have no idea at all."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Speaking of which, that kid you rescued--

[Asmodeus Living Quarters] 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "But how did she get on the Hindenburg?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Who knows....."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Anyway! I'm glad you two made it out safely!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hehe, and you as well."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "It was hard, but I improved our airship."
                                            "Like this Bridge"
                                            "You can Load and Save previous adventures here."
                                            "I can also fly you to other islands!"
                                            "The Child is still resting, follow me quietly into the Living Quarters?"
                                            "The Living Quarters."
                                            "In here is the Theater and Audio"
                                            "You can listen to music or watch videos."
                                            "Over here, you can view or read things like an Album or the Library."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Well, probably don't have anything in there yet."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "...well I'm sure we will after some adventures."
                                            "We should be able to travel now, I see no errors on the logs."
                                            "Select the Go To Destination and let's go to Airedale!"

Ship Menu

<Your choices on the menu's on the Asmodeus are limited for now, certain features will become available later in the game. For example, more Islands you can go to.>
*Go To Destination
        -Current Reminder: "We we're successful, somehow managing not to get captured! Let's report to
                                       the Client! But the files...."
*Living Quarters
        -Go Back 
*Go Out      


[Tap "Go To Destination"]

Tutorial: "Use this menu to travel to different areas. The "NEXT" by a destination is where you 
                 should go next"

[Select Airedale]

System: "Travel? Go/Cancel"

Chapter 1: Please Talk a Contract With Me

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Everything looks the same when we left, you know where to find 

Red Savarin(レッド): "The usual Avenue?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Yup, over by the north side of the bay."

Tutorial: "The Map is on the top screen. You can see different rooms on the Map. The White area is the 
                 Entrance/Exit of the area. Current destinations are marked by the "!"."

#Kisa(きさく): "This place would make a great photograph! Don't you think so?"

[If you go the wrong way] Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "This is the wrong way, are you lost?"

[Head north]

Red Savarin(レッド): "Oh, there's Quebec...."

Quebec: "Oh, Red, how are ya?"

Red Savarin(レッド): ".....feeling accomplished! I made it back alright!!"

Quebec: "Heh~ You sure sound confident~"

Red Savarin(レッド): "But you see, most of the files were burned; I couldn't focus in the fire!"

Quebec: "Well that's that! The deal's over!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Ugggh!!!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "That guy didn't even give any reward at all for our work...."
                                            ".....I don't even have anymore fuel."

Red Savarin(レッド): "I know! I could sell this medallion!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I don't think that trinket will be of much value."

Red Savarin(レッド): ".....probably not"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Anyway, some work will earn a lot of money!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Oh-oh...."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Try that place! The sign says there's work! Line up quickly, line up!"

#Fortune Teller(占い...):  "Your shadow has an evil smile, you'll be damned."
                                          "Uuumuu....I'll cleanse you......NyamuNyamu...."

#Quebec: "Well, the Hindenburg was very tough."

[Go to Quest Shop] 

Cheese(フロマーヅユ): "Welcome~~"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hmm~ Is there any work available? Something adventurous would be 

Cheese(フロマーヅユ): "Umm let's see~ Is normal work okay?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "That's fine!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "......"

Tutorial: "To get higher quests, you need a higher Hunter Rank. You earn points by completing a quest. 10
                 Points will earn you +1 Hunter Rank. A "★" indicates that you must complete the quest to
                 continue the game story."

Quest Menu

1. Battle Test
         -I want to test battle a custom robo! Looking for someone with good ability! I'll be at the Parts Shop!
         *Required Hunter Rank = 1
         *Reward = 500
         ["A" to Accept]

Red Savarin(レッド): ".....there's gotta be something more challenging."

Cheese(フロマーヅユ): "Go check with Crepe at the shop. Thanks for coming~"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You're nearby, let's just go!"

Cheese(フロマーヅユ): "So, do your best~"

<You're now free to roam Airedale, look around if you want.>

[North by the Part Shop]

#Dot(ダート): "Kehehe. Brother, that shop doesn't have these parts."
                       "You can buy from me."
                        Buy Menu 
                                -Power +10
                                -Attack +10
                                -Defense +10
                                -Speed +10
                                -Rare Attack, Attack +50

Quest 1

Crepe: "Hey sorry, we're still setting up."

Red Savarin(レッド): "No, I'm not a customer. I came for the test battle."

Crepe: "Ah!? You are? Ya seem kinda weak, you sure?"
            "Oh yeah, nobody else wants to try. I'll be amazed if you succeed!"

[In Warehouse now]

Crepe: "I have total confidence in this battle! Testing against Crepe's Custom #7!!"
            "Huhuhu, how fascinating. Hope you don't get too beat up!"

Assistant: "Let's beat 'im up."

Crepe: "Alright, battle start!"

[XP +20]

Crepe: "Hey, assholes! You're gonna destroy my house in those robos..."
            "Hey, amazing robot of yours. Wait, your robo. Let me see let me see!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Ah, hey! Don't touch Dahak without my permission!"

Crepe: "You really take care of Dahak. This's amazing!"
            "Dahak is normal! You mean it's not customized!?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? Custom?"

Crepe: "Naw, it isn't. I didn't think so! Nevermind!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Ah. Wait, hey!"

[Back in shop]

Crepe: "Well, I'll get ya started with customizing! I'll give you this first."

[Got Power +1!]

Red Savarin(レッド): "What is this?"

Crepe: "It's a part, it's used to customize."

Tutorial: "The Customize Part Center. You can Power Up the Dahak. The Customize Menu can be opened
                 from the Normal Menu. Parts go into the Black Free Slots. Every part has a different shape, so 
                 you can use "L/R" to rotate the parts to fit. To get more free slots, you need "P Crystals"; the 
                 number on the closed slot shows you how many is required. "P Crystals" can be found all over in 
                 the game."

Crepe: "So, do ya understand? Parts can also give other upgrades, pretty easy right?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Yeah I understand, thanks a lot!"

Crepe: "No problem, and you can always buy parts at my shop here at my house♪"
            "Also, I'll pay you the reward now."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Oh, that'll be my payment for fuel."
                                            "Give it to me brother, or else you'll just waste it instantly!"

Crepe: " take care now."
            "And next time I won't lose! Heehee!"


System: "Save? Yes/No"

To be continued...

Final Notes:
This one took quite a while. If you have any questions be sure to comment or contact me in some way. And again, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you. 

Some things you can hope to expect in Part 4: More NPC dialog in Airedale, the 2nd Quest, a Boss battle, etc.! How exciting! I'll hopefull have that up sometime in January. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season, and enjoy playing some more Solatorobo.  ;)

おやすみなさい~~ :3        


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. Bonus (Thanksgiving Bonus!)

So happy Turkey Day everybody! As I said, I will post a little bonus translation on this day, so here you go! I translated the remainder of the Main Menu Sub-menus! So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the food and family/friends! :)

Air Robo Gran Prix Menu

<The first notification that comes up every time is the weather forecast for the day. Usually has not much affect on the game.>
*1-Player (VS CPU)
           -Select Robo
            -Select Stage
*Multiplayer (DS Download Play)
           -<Choose a Room or...>
           -Create a room 
*How-To Play
           -Use A to Accelerate
           -Directional Pad to steer (Up to go down, Down to go up) (Use select to inverse up and down)
           -Use L or R to assist with sharper turns
*Item/Weapon Guide
                    #A barrier to prevent damage for a short amount of time
                    #Targets enemy and strikes to slow down enemy
           -Electric Bolt
                    #Drops a net behind you. When enemy hits, they're immobilized for a short time
                    #Covers everyone's view for a short time
*About Prizes
           -You get money prizes for each race. (1st = 500, 2nd = 200, 3rd = 100, 4th = 0)

Wi-Fi Menu

*Wi-Fi Settings
            -<Just your regular wi-fi settings menu.>
*Download Quests
            -<Download additional quests here. Requires Wi-Fi.>
*Check Quests
            -<Check the quests you've already downloaded.>
*Go Back

I hope this will suffice until I'm done with Part 3! Air Robo Grand Prix is a fun little mini-game, not to mention a good way to get money in the game! Also the Quest download can be fun if you have access to Wi-Fi. I'm working on the next part, and I plan on separating the parts by Missions now. Enjoy!

~Kero Silverpaw

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 2

At long last, Part 2 is here! This was a pretty major update and covers the Intro/Tutorial up to the beginning of the 1st chapter. Sorry for the wait, enjoy!
*A "<>" Indicates a personal note.
*The tutorials are not translated exactly, but rather I put them in simple (yet still accurate) terms due to the fact that the controls are self-explanatory.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate. 

Part 2: Updated+Pause Menu/Intro/Tutorial

Updated Menu

<Once you save your game and make a save file, you will have new options in the "Start Game" menu.>
*Start Game
**Continue Game
**Delete Save File

Pause Menu
 <You cannot access most of these at the moment. The shaded options will become available later in the game>
On Left
*Current Mission/Reminder
*Check Quests

On Right



Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, are you alright?  
                                            Any Problems?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'm fine! 
                                   On the Hindenburg with zero problems!

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I'm gonna ask you to regain the stolen files."
                                            "It seems the files are in a special room below deck on the first floor.
                                             You can do it, brother!"

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No"
Tutorial: "Use directional pad to move around and use"B" to jump."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wow~ Look at this pile of cargo!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'll just have to toss 'em out of my way."

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No"
Tutorial: "Use "A" button to pick up objects. Press "A" again to throw."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "By the way, the robo wasn't damaged with the impact of the landing, 
                                             was it?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hmm?
                                   Dahak should be fine."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, I want you to check right now!"

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No" 
Tutorial: "Press "X" to see the Menu. You can check your status near the bottom of the screen (the dots)."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? The door locked by itself?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Well, it looks like there's only one way to go from here--"

Kuvasz Soldier: "You there, intruder!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Is that so? I'm sure I received a special invitation."

Kuvasz Soldier: "Yeah right!
                Are you done fooling around!?"

Tutorial: "Press "A" near an enemy and rapidly press the button to pick the enemy up. Press A to throw the enemy, sometimes you can consecutively pick up and toss the enemy. Try tossing them at each other! The Level system: the number on the top screen is your Level and the number by the "Next" is how much more EXP you need to level up.

Kuvasz Soldier: "'re messing with Kuvasz now. I think that....ughh...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Kuvasz, eh?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wow~ You don't wanna go against a big guild like Kuvasz."

[Kuvasz warship appears in the distance]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother! Look out!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Whoa! A Kuvasz warship?!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Captain! Telegram from the Hindenburg!"
                          "An intruder has appeared and boarded, a boy in a robot!"

Garrett: "W-what!?
                Is it that idiot over there?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Come on, nyeh~nyeh~nyeh~
                                   You can't get me over here~"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, I can get him!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "That won't be necessary, 
                                   we won't need to do anything because he wouldn't fire at this ship."

Garrett: "Fire when ready!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Whaaaaaaaaat~!?"
                                  "He actually fired! What's that guy thinking!?"

Tutorial: "Press "A" in front of a missile to catch and press again to throw it back!"

Garrett: "This makes me angry!! Get closer! Attack!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Stop it! The Hindenburg is fragile!"

Garrett: "I don't care!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Hey! This ship has others on it you know...stop your foolishness!"

[Soldiers lead Garrett away]

Garrett: "Oh what to do....."

[Warship leaves]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Reminds me of a brother I have..."

Red Savarin(レッド): "What?"

[Next room]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You're in the Engineering Room."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hm? This platform is down by default."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Try getting off your robo and find the switch to lift the platform!"

Tutorial: "Press "Y" to get off of Dahak, then use "A" to interact with objects. If you want to get back in, press "Y" again next to Dahak."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! The platform came up!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Let's move forward!"

Tutorial: "Take the Meat to restore health!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The next room has a lower drift, head down the lift.

Kuvasz Soldier: "There was a cat prowling around down here before, 
                            what are you doing here?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Who, me? Hey, just let me through!

Tutorial: "Be cautious of the spike, grab the enemy when flipped and throw!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "I'll get you next time, just you....wait.."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Wait, did he say that somebody else was here?

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I think he said there was a cat down here...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "A previous visitor? I have to hurry!"

[The Bridge is Down]

Red Savarin(レッド): "Darn it-- I can't make it across!" 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Hey, let's try that door over there!"
                                            "It seems like the only way to reach it is to go down that ladder."

Tutorial: "Get off Dahak, go to the ladder and press "A". Use the up and down buttons to climb the ladder."

Kuvasz Soldier: "I've spotted the intruder again!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't  have my robo!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You're gonna have to avoid the enemy for now and head for the 

Tutorial: "Use your Stun Gun by pressing "A". The Stun Gun will stun the enemy for a short amount of time."

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't need this full control panel. I just need to do one thing, right?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Why are there so many buttons anyway?"

[Bridge goes up]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You can go across now!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Okay! Let's head back and continue across!"

[Next Room]

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? A dead end!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Looks like it.....ah, brother! Look at the floor!"
                                            "I've seen a switch like this before!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "How does it work?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Er, you put something heavy on it and a door should open...."

Tutorial: "Pick up a box; because it's heavy, it will require multiple tapping of "A". Use "A" again to toss it onto the switch."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Yay! The door opened!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Wow, it's been a long day, the sun's already setting--"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The darker it gets, the harder it'll be for me to pick you up, brother. 
                                              Hurry up!"
                                            "You should quick dash!"

Tutorial: "Press "B" quickly 2 times to Dash."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? What's that thing!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "That's a save point!
                                              It can record everything you've done so far!"

Tutorial: "Use save point to save your game, walk into it ans press "A" and it'll ask you to save. The 1st option is Yes, the 2nd option is No."

<Also, at this point you have just unlocked the "Air Robo Gran Prix" and the "Quest Download" options on the main menu.>

Red Savarin(レッド): "Oh, this room looks special~ Is there something in here?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "It looks like this room hasn't been disturbed, are the files in here?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Who knows, they're allegedly in here, we need to find them."

[Screen fades as time passes]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Did you find anything?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I think I can get the files out, should we leave something in place?

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): " money or a note? I don't think we should!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! I got it!"

Info: "Got the Important Files!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Aw man, I was hoping to steal some treasure as well!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wait, there might be.....?"
                                            "Brother, that wall.....doesn't it look like a door?"
                                            "If it is a door, there must be another room. 
                                             How could we have missed it?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "This means that somewhere....."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, look! It's the same switch from before!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "But what do I use to put on it?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Instead of a box, you should be able to use your robo...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! It opened!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Look at that, brother...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Let's get a better look."
                                 "We got the treasure, that was too easy!"
                                 "This is? A medallion? This is quite an elaborate accessory--"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "What? It lit up!?"

[Alarm Sounds]

Red Savarin(レッド): "What's that!?"

[Cutscene of Laress]

Info: "Got the Medallion!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "What did I do?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I don't know! Anyway, get out of there!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Roger that!"

[Enemy appears]

Red Savarin(レッド): "What's this guy!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "How should I know!? I've never seen such a monster like this before!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't have the patience; Come on, I'm taking you down!"


Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Get out of there quickly! The ship's losing altitude!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Yeah!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Hurry, brother!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'm trying--"
                                 "! (Is that a.....child!?)"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "What happened? Hurry up!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "(Should I help......but if I do......I could end up dead.....)"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "(Oh, shit!!)"

            Red Savarin(レッド): "Hey! Hey!! Wake up! Hey!!"
            Mysterious Child: "........."
            Red Savarin(レッド): "--! Uwaaaaaaaaahhh!!"


"The moment these two encountered--"
"What happens after will reveal their true meanings within themselves--"

[Intro Video Plays and Title shows]
<Congratulations, the game has now officially started. Gotta love that opening music.>

[Save Dialog]

To be continued...

Final Notes:
I was pretty happy with the turnout of the translation of the Introduction chapter. It went much faster and smoother than Part 1; expect Part 3 to be posted anywhere from 1-3 weeks from now. Since now I will deal with the townsfolk dialog and such. And those that are wondering, I do plan on going around town and translating what each individual says. Therefore, you can have the full experience. I hope this project is helping y'all play Solatorobo. 

And again, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you.