Thursday, November 25, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. Bonus (Thanksgiving Bonus!)

So happy Turkey Day everybody! As I said, I will post a little bonus translation on this day, so here you go! I translated the remainder of the Main Menu Sub-menus! So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the food and family/friends! :)

Air Robo Gran Prix Menu

<The first notification that comes up every time is the weather forecast for the day. Usually has not much affect on the game.>
*1-Player (VS CPU)
           -Select Robo
            -Select Stage
*Multiplayer (DS Download Play)
           -<Choose a Room or...>
           -Create a room 
*How-To Play
           -Use A to Accelerate
           -Directional Pad to steer (Up to go down, Down to go up) (Use select to inverse up and down)
           -Use L or R to assist with sharper turns
*Item/Weapon Guide
                    #A barrier to prevent damage for a short amount of time
                    #Targets enemy and strikes to slow down enemy
           -Electric Bolt
                    #Drops a net behind you. When enemy hits, they're immobilized for a short time
                    #Covers everyone's view for a short time
*About Prizes
           -You get money prizes for each race. (1st = 500, 2nd = 200, 3rd = 100, 4th = 0)

Wi-Fi Menu

*Wi-Fi Settings
            -<Just your regular wi-fi settings menu.>
*Download Quests
            -<Download additional quests here. Requires Wi-Fi.>
*Check Quests
            -<Check the quests you've already downloaded.>
*Go Back

I hope this will suffice until I'm done with Part 3! Air Robo Grand Prix is a fun little mini-game, not to mention a good way to get money in the game! Also the Quest download can be fun if you have access to Wi-Fi. I'm working on the next part, and I plan on separating the parts by Missions now. Enjoy!

~Kero Silverpaw

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 2

At long last, Part 2 is here! This was a pretty major update and covers the Intro/Tutorial up to the beginning of the 1st chapter. Sorry for the wait, enjoy!
*A "<>" Indicates a personal note.
*The tutorials are not translated exactly, but rather I put them in simple (yet still accurate) terms due to the fact that the controls are self-explanatory.
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate. 

Part 2: Updated+Pause Menu/Intro/Tutorial

Updated Menu

<Once you save your game and make a save file, you will have new options in the "Start Game" menu.>
*Start Game
**Continue Game
**Delete Save File

Pause Menu
 <You cannot access most of these at the moment. The shaded options will become available later in the game>
On Left
*Current Mission/Reminder
*Check Quests

On Right



Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, are you alright?  
                                            Any Problems?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'm fine! 
                                   On the Hindenburg with zero problems!

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I'm gonna ask you to regain the stolen files."
                                            "It seems the files are in a special room below deck on the first floor.
                                             You can do it, brother!"

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No"
Tutorial: "Use directional pad to move around and use"B" to jump."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wow~ Look at this pile of cargo!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'll just have to toss 'em out of my way."

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No"
Tutorial: "Use "A" button to pick up objects. Press "A" again to throw."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "By the way, the robo wasn't damaged with the impact of the landing, 
                                             was it?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hmm?
                                   Dahak should be fine."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, I want you to check right now!"

Info Box: "View Tutorial? Yes/ No" 
Tutorial: "Press "X" to see the Menu. You can check your status near the bottom of the screen (the dots)."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? The door locked by itself?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Well, it looks like there's only one way to go from here--"

Kuvasz Soldier: "You there, intruder!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Is that so? I'm sure I received a special invitation."

Kuvasz Soldier: "Yeah right!
                Are you done fooling around!?"

Tutorial: "Press "A" near an enemy and rapidly press the button to pick the enemy up. Press A to throw the enemy, sometimes you can consecutively pick up and toss the enemy. Try tossing them at each other! The Level system: the number on the top screen is your Level and the number by the "Next" is how much more EXP you need to level up.

Kuvasz Soldier: "'re messing with Kuvasz now. I think that....ughh...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Kuvasz, eh?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wow~ You don't wanna go against a big guild like Kuvasz."

[Kuvasz warship appears in the distance]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother! Look out!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Whoa! A Kuvasz warship?!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Captain! Telegram from the Hindenburg!"
                          "An intruder has appeared and boarded, a boy in a robot!"

Garrett: "W-what!?
                Is it that idiot over there?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Come on, nyeh~nyeh~nyeh~
                                   You can't get me over here~"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, I can get him!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "That won't be necessary, 
                                   we won't need to do anything because he wouldn't fire at this ship."

Garrett: "Fire when ready!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Whaaaaaaaaat~!?"
                                  "He actually fired! What's that guy thinking!?"

Tutorial: "Press "A" in front of a missile to catch and press again to throw it back!"

Garrett: "This makes me angry!! Get closer! Attack!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Stop it! The Hindenburg is fragile!"

Garrett: "I don't care!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "Hey! This ship has others on it you know...stop your foolishness!"

[Soldiers lead Garrett away]

Garrett: "Oh what to do....."

[Warship leaves]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Reminds me of a brother I have..."

Red Savarin(レッド): "What?"

[Next room]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You're in the Engineering Room."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Hm? This platform is down by default."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Try getting off your robo and find the switch to lift the platform!"

Tutorial: "Press "Y" to get off of Dahak, then use "A" to interact with objects. If you want to get back in, press "Y" again next to Dahak."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! The platform came up!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Let's move forward!"

Tutorial: "Take the Meat to restore health!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The next room has a lower drift, head down the lift.

Kuvasz Soldier: "There was a cat prowling around down here before, 
                            what are you doing here?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Who, me? Hey, just let me through!

Tutorial: "Be cautious of the spike, grab the enemy when flipped and throw!"

Kuvasz Soldier: "I'll get you next time, just you....wait.."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Wait, did he say that somebody else was here?

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I think he said there was a cat down here...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "A previous visitor? I have to hurry!"

[The Bridge is Down]

Red Savarin(レッド): "Darn it-- I can't make it across!" 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Hey, let's try that door over there!"
                                            "It seems like the only way to reach it is to go down that ladder."

Tutorial: "Get off Dahak, go to the ladder and press "A". Use the up and down buttons to climb the ladder."

Kuvasz Soldier: "I've spotted the intruder again!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't  have my robo!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You're gonna have to avoid the enemy for now and head for the 

Tutorial: "Use your Stun Gun by pressing "A". The Stun Gun will stun the enemy for a short amount of time."

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't need this full control panel. I just need to do one thing, right?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Why are there so many buttons anyway?"

[Bridge goes up]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "You can go across now!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Okay! Let's head back and continue across!"

[Next Room]

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? A dead end!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Looks like it.....ah, brother! Look at the floor!"
                                            "I've seen a switch like this before!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "How does it work?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Er, you put something heavy on it and a door should open...."

Tutorial: "Pick up a box; because it's heavy, it will require multiple tapping of "A". Use "A" again to toss it onto the switch."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Yay! The door opened!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Wow, it's been a long day, the sun's already setting--"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The darker it gets, the harder it'll be for me to pick you up, brother. 
                                              Hurry up!"
                                            "You should quick dash!"

Tutorial: "Press "B" quickly 2 times to Dash."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Huh? What's that thing!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "That's a save point!
                                              It can record everything you've done so far!"

Tutorial: "Use save point to save your game, walk into it ans press "A" and it'll ask you to save. The 1st option is Yes, the 2nd option is No."

<Also, at this point you have just unlocked the "Air Robo Gran Prix" and the "Quest Download" options on the main menu.>

Red Savarin(レッド): "Oh, this room looks special~ Is there something in here?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "It looks like this room hasn't been disturbed, are the files in here?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Who knows, they're allegedly in here, we need to find them."

[Screen fades as time passes]

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Did you find anything?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I think I can get the files out, should we leave something in place?

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): " money or a note? I don't think we should!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! I got it!"

Info: "Got the Important Files!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Aw man, I was hoping to steal some treasure as well!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Wait, there might be.....?"
                                            "Brother, that wall.....doesn't it look like a door?"
                                            "If it is a door, there must be another room. 
                                             How could we have missed it?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "This means that somewhere....."

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, look! It's the same switch from before!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "But what do I use to put on it?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Instead of a box, you should be able to use your robo...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Alright! It opened!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Look at that, brother...."

Red Savarin(レッド): "Let's get a better look."
                                 "We got the treasure, that was too easy!"
                                 "This is? A medallion? This is quite an elaborate accessory--"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "What? It lit up!?"

[Alarm Sounds]

Red Savarin(レッド): "What's that!?"

[Cutscene of Laress]

Info: "Got the Medallion!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "What did I do?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "I don't know! Anyway, get out of there!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Roger that!"

[Enemy appears]

Red Savarin(レッド): "What's this guy!?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "How should I know!? I've never seen such a monster like this before!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I don't have the patience; Come on, I'm taking you down!"


Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Get out of there quickly! The ship's losing altitude!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Yeah!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Hurry, brother!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "I'm trying--"
                                 "! (Is that a.....child!?)"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "What happened? Hurry up!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "(Should I help......but if I do......I could end up dead.....)"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother!!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "(Oh, shit!!)"

            Red Savarin(レッド): "Hey! Hey!! Wake up! Hey!!"
            Mysterious Child: "........."
            Red Savarin(レッド): "--! Uwaaaaaaaaahhh!!"


"The moment these two encountered--"
"What happens after will reveal their true meanings within themselves--"

[Intro Video Plays and Title shows]
<Congratulations, the game has now officially started. Gotta love that opening music.>

[Save Dialog]

To be continued...

Final Notes:
I was pretty happy with the turnout of the translation of the Introduction chapter. It went much faster and smoother than Part 1; expect Part 3 to be posted anywhere from 1-3 weeks from now. Since now I will deal with the townsfolk dialog and such. And those that are wondering, I do plan on going around town and translating what each individual says. Therefore, you can have the full experience. I hope this project is helping y'all play Solatorobo. 

And again, be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes and I will make sure I fix it. Thank you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 1

So! I finally worked up some time to finish the Intro and Menu. It's quite late and I will be enjoying a good rest after this post.

*I did NOT translate the sub-menus. They are pretty self-explanitory
*I did not translate the Opening Credits themselves. (Staff, developers, etc.)
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate.   

Part 1: Menu, Intro


*Start Game
*Air Robo Gran Prix
*Wi-Fi Connect (This is where you download Quests and such)

Opening Credits/Intro

Radio(ラジオ): "Two new pieces of information."
                         "Early Morning today, in the Valdo Engineering System on the west side of the 
                                   republic, there was an earthquake."
                         "According to the Ministry of Environment--"
                         "--it is certain that this earthquake may be related to the recent series of multiple 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, it's almost time; that's right, the ship approaches!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Sneaking onto a ship to nab a document...shouldn't there be a reward for 
                                  all this?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "It's a reward just being with you! Can we launch?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Systems are to the way I'm used to?"
                                  "I like that, I'm determined to succeed!"

[Chapter Title Appears] 
"Prologue - In The Beginning"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The pressure in the hanger has leveled!"
                                             "Release Systems are green!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "OK, and go!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Okay~! Starting countdown, 10 Seconds..."
                                            "5 Seconds..."
                                            "3 2 1....."
                                            "Go when you're ready!!"

[Red jumps out and flies down to the airship below]

To be continued...

Final Notes:
So this wasn't much I realize, and the main reason it took so long was due to the continuous movement of the beginning dialog. Screenshots helped. Part 2 should be coming in 6-14 days, possibly sooner depending on how busy I am. I really hope this translation is helping those that cannot understand the game.

Let me know if there are any mistakes and I will fix it. Thank you.