Thursday, November 25, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. Bonus (Thanksgiving Bonus!)

So happy Turkey Day everybody! As I said, I will post a little bonus translation on this day, so here you go! I translated the remainder of the Main Menu Sub-menus! So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the food and family/friends! :)

Air Robo Gran Prix Menu

<The first notification that comes up every time is the weather forecast for the day. Usually has not much affect on the game.>
*1-Player (VS CPU)
           -Select Robo
            -Select Stage
*Multiplayer (DS Download Play)
           -<Choose a Room or...>
           -Create a room 
*How-To Play
           -Use A to Accelerate
           -Directional Pad to steer (Up to go down, Down to go up) (Use select to inverse up and down)
           -Use L or R to assist with sharper turns
*Item/Weapon Guide
                    #A barrier to prevent damage for a short amount of time
                    #Targets enemy and strikes to slow down enemy
           -Electric Bolt
                    #Drops a net behind you. When enemy hits, they're immobilized for a short time
                    #Covers everyone's view for a short time
*About Prizes
           -You get money prizes for each race. (1st = 500, 2nd = 200, 3rd = 100, 4th = 0)

Wi-Fi Menu

*Wi-Fi Settings
            -<Just your regular wi-fi settings menu.>
*Download Quests
            -<Download additional quests here. Requires Wi-Fi.>
*Check Quests
            -<Check the quests you've already downloaded.>
*Go Back

I hope this will suffice until I'm done with Part 3! Air Robo Grand Prix is a fun little mini-game, not to mention a good way to get money in the game! Also the Quest download can be fun if you have access to Wi-Fi. I'm working on the next part, and I plan on separating the parts by Missions now. Enjoy!

~Kero Silverpaw


  1. it's awesome that you're doing this, I would've tried myself, but i just lack the motivation to do it >:
    also, any plans of hacking the translation into the ROM?

  2. It really does take a lot of dedication/motivation. ^^;

    Oh, and about the ROM. Well once I'm finished (or even mostly finished), I'm gonna see if I can find someone that hacks ROMs to help me with that. It would be amazing and I'm sure it would help a lot of people. :)

  3. awesome, I'll be looking forward to your developments on the translation then. good luck :3