Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solatorobo is Officially Being Localized


Right, so this is pretty old news, to most of you that is. I have known that this game would be localized for quite some time. So what will become of this blog?

My plans are that I will keep the blog up. As a personal reference mostly. I hope to be improving on my Japanese and translating the Japanese version of this game would be great practice for me. More like a personal project. I will also keep this blog up in case there are those who prefer the Japanese version over an English version. I know of people like that (me for example), and sometimes it really is exciting having a Japanese game, but like to have a separate, print script translation to reference to while they play.

For those persons, I will just say that the translations will progress rather slowly. But probably in Summer when classes are over, it will pick up speed. It's a fantastic game, I'm glad they decided to localize it elsewhere.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm all this way!


  1. It IS great news, even if it's old (I actually found out real evidence like screenshots only yesterday =p )

    Thanks for your effort on the translation, man, and this also shows which characters had their names changed. I totally liked the original name of the quest shop attendant better than "Flo"... She's still a cutie anyway, so it's alright xD

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking of maybe getting the Europe copy too.

    Wait seriously? Flo? That reminds me of those Progressive commercials. Ugh, well that is what the first part of her japanese name literally translates to; makes sense I guess. XD

  3. At my former company in late 2008 or early 2009, I re-translated and edited the English script for "Project Coda" while playing a Japanese alpha version. Later, we were told that that development of the game was put on hold, and that was the end of that. (Then I cursed myself for not copying the prototype DS ROM).

    Anyway, just a few weeks ago, I was reading a forum and someone had an avatar of Red. I was like, "that's from a game that was canceled. how does this person know about Coda"?

    After a google search using "furry ds rpg coda," I learned that the game was in fact completed and released in Japan and overseas. That's great because I thought it was a quality product. Especially when the third act of the story gets going.

    I have all my past work on a data DVD. If anyone wants the Japanese-English script from the 2008 pre-release version of Solatorobo, I can send it to you.


    1. Oh wow, that is fantastic.
      If it's really alright, I would really love a copy of that. I think it will help me greatly with my project.

      I really appreciate this, thank you very much!