Sunday, November 7, 2010

Solatorobo Translation Pt. 1

So! I finally worked up some time to finish the Intro and Menu. It's quite late and I will be enjoying a good rest after this post.

*I did NOT translate the sub-menus. They are pretty self-explanitory
*I did not translate the Opening Credits themselves. (Staff, developers, etc.)
*Once again, I am an amateur translator, and my translations may not be 100% accurate.   

Part 1: Menu, Intro


*Start Game
*Air Robo Gran Prix
*Wi-Fi Connect (This is where you download Quests and such)

Opening Credits/Intro

Radio(ラジオ): "Two new pieces of information."
                         "Early Morning today, in the Valdo Engineering System on the west side of the 
                                   republic, there was an earthquake."
                         "According to the Ministry of Environment--"
                         "--it is certain that this earthquake may be related to the recent series of multiple 

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Brother, it's almost time; that's right, the ship approaches!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Sneaking onto a ship to nab a document...shouldn't there be a reward for 
                                  all this?"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "It's a reward just being with you! Can we launch?"

Red Savarin(レッド): "Systems are to the way I'm used to?"
                                  "I like that, I'm determined to succeed!"

[Chapter Title Appears] 
"Prologue - In The Beginning"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "The pressure in the hanger has leveled!"
                                             "Release Systems are green!"

Red Savarin(レッド): "OK, and go!"

Chocolat Gelato(ショコラ): "Okay~! Starting countdown, 10 Seconds..."
                                            "5 Seconds..."
                                            "3 2 1....."
                                            "Go when you're ready!!"

[Red jumps out and flies down to the airship below]

To be continued...

Final Notes:
So this wasn't much I realize, and the main reason it took so long was due to the continuous movement of the beginning dialog. Screenshots helped. Part 2 should be coming in 6-14 days, possibly sooner depending on how busy I am. I really hope this translation is helping those that cannot understand the game.

Let me know if there are any mistakes and I will fix it. Thank you. 


  1. Not really much, but hey any progress is good progress. I told about your translation project on gbatemp. There are quite some hackers up there that can hack your text into the rom if you want to. Here's a link to a post of mine telling about your project on gbatemp:

    You can also post in the same section of the forum so that you can attract some hackers, that can help you with inserting the text into the rom. Point is that at gbatemp there are a lot of hackers, but there aren't a lot of translator like you >.>"

  2. I know right? But good news is, I'm making good progress on the second part of my translation.

    Also, thank you so much for spreading the word! I say the bigger the audience, the bigger my motivation is (faster translations :P).

    I think that's a really great idea. Once I get this game translated a lot more, I could see about getting it incorporated into a rom itself! Heh, well I'm just glad I could be one of those few translators. It's my first project, but I have a really good feeling about this.