Thursday, November 4, 2010

IN PROGRESS: Solatorobo DS Game Translation (Japanese to English)

If you haven't heard of Solatorobo, shame. Just kidding!
Look and come back!
Here and Trailer

Apparently it's a spiritual sequel to the PSX game Tail Concerto. Never played it myself, but sounds great as well! It's made by the creators of ./Hack and such, otherwise known as CyberConnect2!
I was so very excited, but was extremely bummed out to hear there probably wouldn't ever be an English release! Curse you Bandai Namco! :P

Now, I don't know if it was a silly decision for me to decide to translate or not, but I have made progress!
For those of you looking for a translation, I will be periodically updating this blog with dialog and other translations. It may be rough, and I cannot guarentee that my translations are 100% correct, but it is generally right.

Translations take a long time (Especially since the opening credits don't bother to wait for me), so please hang with me! Once this get's rolling along, please feel free to e-mail/message me specific translation questions and/or corrections!

Keep an eye out, I'll probably have some translated content up within the next week or so! Toodles~



  1. Well the englis version is already out in 1st june 2011 by the way how can you put that solatorobo news and stuff on theright screen------->

  2. Yup, the Europe release is July 1st! Very exciting.

    Oh, that? I got the Javascript code from the Official Solatorobo website. Here you go: